CATLINK Fresh 2 Automatic Pet Feeder

RM 649.00

Large Capacity, Excellent Sealing and Anti-clog Design

~ 4L large capacity can hold up to 2kg of puffed food, which is good for a cat in one month.

~ Automatic closure of the food outlet prevents insects and ants from entering.

~ Grains within 16mm is compatible, such as freeze-dried, air- dried, baked food and puffed food.

Timely and Quantitative Feeding VS. Automatic Feeding

~ You can set up a personal feeding schedule at specific time with specific amount.

~ In another way, the feeder can automatically replenish the grain if the remaining is less than 10 grams. It can make sure that your cats have food available all the time.

Multi-cat recognition, Health data recording and APP remote controlling

~ Our multi-cat recognition algorithm has patented certification.

~ It records cats’ diet dynamics for 24/7. Dietary health reports is generated regularly.

~ You can use CATLINK APP to achieve remote controlling.  

Dual Power Supply

~ Power is supplied to the automatic feeder via included power adapter or 4*AA batteries(not included). Backup battery ensures your pets get fed even if in a power outage.  

Easy Cleaning

~ Simple construction makes assemble and disassemble easier. Both food bucket and food bowl are washable. And you can simply clean the base with wipes. Product Specification:

Product: CATLINK Automatic Feeder- Fresh 2 V

ersion: Standard and PRO

Material: ABS

Net Weight: 3kg

Size: 35x19.5x36cm

Carton Size: 38.5x23.5x38.5cm

Gross Weight: 4kg

Rated Voltage: 5V 1A

Rated Power: 5W

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