VOOCOO Wave Elevated Pet Food and Water Bowl

RM 79.00

A more enjoyable mealtime experience for your pet with this unique bowl duo.

Designed with a unique wave shape, this bowl solves common problems associated with traditional duo-bowl set-ups. The waves on the bowl edge provide space for chins and whiskers, while also limiting bowl contents from mixing, ensuring that your pet's food and water stay fresh and hygienic.

This simple yet effective feeding solution is crafted with unparalleled quality and functionality, offering your pet the ultimate dining experience!

Adjustable Placement Solutions
Prevent whiskers from getting wet by placing the largest wave crest at the back. If you're a pet parent to a messy eater, rotate the bowls until the largest wave crests face each other.

Detachable Bowls
Bowls nestle firmly in place on the stand to prevent playful pets from pushing them around but can also be easily detached for cleaning and standalone use.

Ergonomic Elevated Stand
The elevated stand makes it easier for pets to eat or drink without straining themselves compared to spines.
The slight trapezoidal shape and non-slip grips at the base make it difficult for pets to push and knock everything over. The back of the elevated stand also has a "wave" arc, allowing owners to easily move the product from the surface it was put on.

Product Dimensions & Weight (When Assembled)
29.5 X 14.8 X 10 cm (11-5/8 X 5-13/16 X 3-15/16 in)
410 g (14 oz)

Product Dimensions & Weight w/ Packaging
32 X 17 X 10 cm (12-5/8 X 6-5/8 X 3-15/16 in)
550 g (1 lb 3 oz)

Bowl Capacity
375 mL

ABS Plastic, AS Plastic

What's in the Box
· 2 Wave Bowls
· 1 Elevated Stand
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