VOOCOO Premium 2-in-1 Pet Comb

RM 79.00

● 【VOOCOO 2-in-1 Pet Brush Kit】The 2-in-1 Pet Brush Kit is an easy-use and clean, interchangeable brush head system that gently removes tangles and excess fur to enhance the natural lustre in the coat of short to long-haired pets. A pop-out function in both brush heads pushes out any fur caught in the bristles and teeth to make it a 2-in-1 Pet Brush Kit easy to remove.
● 【2 Interchangeable Brush Heads】The wire pin brush head can be used for daily maintenance to effectively and gently detangle and remove any loose fur. The de-shedding brush head contains a stainless-steel comb that reaches beneath the topcoat and into the undercoat to remove loose hair. The replacement process is extremely simple -push the button at the top of the handle to remove the brush head in place and click on the one you want.
● 【Non-Abrasive and Soothing】The coated bristles and refined edges on the brush heads make the grooming and de-shedding process effective while still being non-abrasive and soothing against the skin. In fact, the bristles and the comb are both angled at 140 degrees to get as close as possible to the skin without feeling rough.
● 【Easy to Clean】Easily remove old fur caught in the brush heads, by holding the brush over a disposal bin and pushing the button on the handle multiple times until all the loose fur is pushed out. Made with quality stainless steel and pet-safe ABS plastic, this tool can also be washed.

Product Details

Product Dimensions & Weight
10 X 6 X 18.8 cm (3-5/16 X 2-3/8 X 7-3/8 in)
184 g (6 oz)

Product Dimensions & Weight w/ Packaging
14.3 X 6.5 X 20.8 cm (5-5/8 X 2-1/2 X 8-3/16 in)
266 g (9 oz)

ABS Plastic, Stainless-Steel

What's in the Box
· 1 Brush Handle
· 1 Wire Pin Bristle Brush Head
· 1 Deshedding Brush Head

Colour Options
Dusk, Steel Blue, Morandi Green
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