VOOCOO Flow Pet Water Fountain

RM 49.00

UV-C Sanitizing and Multi-Layer Filtration System
A UV-C sanitizing light kills up to 97% of bacteria in the water while the filter is made up of layers of cotton, charcoal, and ion-exchange resin that softens water and blocks fur, dust, food residue, and other impurities from circulating through the water tank.

Two Modes to Choose From
Choose between an AUTO mode for continuous water flow and hourly UV-C sterilization or an ECO mode where water flow and sterilization occurs for 3 minutes every
hour. A "pet lock” on the control panel prevents pets from making
that decision for you.

Centralized Mode and Status View
The control panel allows you to switch modes, see when the backup battery is being used and when filters need to be replaced.

Back-up Battery
When not plugged in or in case of power interruption, the fountain automatically draws power from the back-up battery and switches to ECO mode so that it can operate for up to 48 hours.

Ultra Quiet
Under 35dB with a design that forces water to flow against the tank's inner walls, the loudest noise from this fountain will be from a pet happily lapping up water.

Wireless Water Pump
No electric cables are exposed to the water, creating a streamlined appearance while also making cleaning the fountain much simpler.

Product Dimensions & Weight
27 X 17.3 X 12.5 cm (10-5/8 X 6-13/16 X 4-15/16 in)
1.1 kg (2 lb 7 oz)

Product Dimensions & Weight w/ Packaging
33 X 16.5 X 20 cm (13 X 6-1/2 X 7-7/8 in)
1.33 kg (2 lb 15 oz)

PC Plastic, ABS Plastic

What's in the Box
· 1 Water Fountain
· 1 Water Fountain Filter
· 1 USB-C Charging Cable
· 1 Power Adapter
· Product Manual

Certifications & Standards
· CE, FCC, RoHS Certified;
· Power Adapter UL (Canada & U.S.)Certified.

Power Source
Built-in back-up battery supports wireless usage for 48 hours. Charges while plugged in; fully charged in 2 hours.
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