VOOCOO 3-in-1 Pet Nail Clipper

RM 49.00

Ergonomic Shape
Compared to typical pet nail clippers, the handles are curved to fit comfortably the hand. No rubber grips on the handles mean that they can be easily rotated in the hands to constantly adjust the cutting angles on moving pets.

LED Guiding Light
A built-in LED light right by the trimming blades illuminates where to cut, to avoid cutting into the bloodline (or the "quick").

Nail Flyaway Shield
An easy-open nail collecting case collects and shields nail fallouts from flying all over the place.

Nail Filer
A nail filer conveniently stored in the handle can be used to polish jagged nails.

Wood's Lamp
The Wood's Lamp uses UV light to help spot any skin condition irregularities, such as ringworms and other bacteria-based skin irritations.

Product Dimensions & Weight
15.5 X 5.5 X 2.5 cm (6-1/8 X 2-3/16 X 1 in)
99 g (4 oz)

Product Dimensions & Weight w/ Packaging
17.7 X 8 X 2.8 cm (7 X 3-1/8 X 1-1/8 in)
133 g (5 oz)

ABS Plastic, Stainless-Steel

What's in the Box
· 1 Pet Nail Clipper

Power Source
Three LR44 batteries
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