REDMINUT Adjustable Pet Bowl

RM 45.00

Category: Pet Bowl

Material: translucent PC

Brand: Redminut

Color: glass black, sky blue, coral purple, lake green, tropical orange

Weight: 180 grams

Capacity: 420ml

Adjustable angle range: 0~22 degrees (four-level adjustment)

Applicable objects: kittens/adult cats/old cats/small dogs/puppies

Size: 180mm * 180mm * 88mm

design concept:

Many pets have cervical spine problems as they grow up

One of the important reasons is related to long-term low-head diet

Therefore, a feeding bowl with adjustable angle can effectively prevent

Pet cervical spine problems appear

Redminut feeding bowl can be adjusted freely from 0-22 degrees

Find your own suitable diet angle for each different pet at different stages


1. Multi-angle adjustment of pet feeder to protect pet's cervical spine

2. Food grade transparent PC material, healthy and safe

3. Anti-overflow and leak-proof design

4.420ml large capacity

5. Anti-dumping

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