PURROOM Spacecraft Capsule Cat Nest Bed

RM 219.00

Name: Purroom Space Capsule Design Cat Nest
~ Dream an outer space adventure in this spacecraft bed and spy your four-legged sleepyhead through the clear glass dome! This lightweight and versatile pet bed is definitely a statement piece for every home.

🐱Main material: Suede
🐱 Capsule material: Transparent PMMA【Poly(methyl methacrylate)】
🐱 Mattress material: Cotton Linen
🐱 Product weight: 1.3kg
🐱Product size:
M: 41cm diameter, 40cm full height, 14cm diameter for opening
L: 48cm diameter, 45cm full height, 15cm diameter for opening
🐱Suggested pets: cats and small dogs
M: less than 6kg
L: more than 6kg
🐱 Colour Variation: Dark Grey, Classic Grey, Golden Brown
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