PIDAN Warming Cooling Pet Bowl Cold and Warm

RM 69.00

~ It is a pet bowl with both cold and warm insulation functions. "The Profound Significance of Water Bowl" is born!
~ It is characterized by the unique water injection design.
~ You can inject ice water and hot water* as needed;
~ The 304 stainless steel bowl part with the ABS base makes it more durable and easy to clean;
~ The split design is user-friendly!
~ The different size options suit different pet sizes types.
~ There is a double-bowl type to choose from!
~ It a good feed accompanying your pet for all year!

Do NOT heat it with a microwave oven.
~ A stainless steel bowl part can be washed in a dishwasher.
~ To avoid burning your pet, do NOT add boiling water directly. The recommended water temperature is
0 - 40 degrees centigrade.

S Single Bowl 186.5×163×82mm
S Dual-Bowls 326×163×82mm
M Single Bowl 218.5×195×92mm
L Single Bowl 262.5×234×101mm

Net Weight:
S Single Bowl 315g
S Dual-Bowls 645g
M Single Bowl 545g
L Single Bowl 778g

ABS + Stainless Steel

Pidan Studio was founded in Paris in 2015 and is known for their sleek, modern pet products. Their focus is on not only aesthetics, but also quality and durability. Pidan products have won several awards for their outstanding designs that both satisfy the contemporary cat-owner's desire for cat accessories that add to the home's atmosphere, and provide safe and practical usage for their precious feline friends.

Each Pidan product is designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, while also focusing great attention on matching themes and colour palettes present in many homes.
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