PIDAN Little Snow Monster Cat Toy

RM 29.90

Electronic Snow Monster cat toy
~ This energetic snow monster toy will mesmerize your cat with its lifelike movements. It’s an automated toy that navigates around obstacles by using vibration technology.
~ We absolutely love how adaptable this cat toy is: Its erratic and unpredictable traveling route will unleash your cat's hunting nature. Your cat can knock it over, and it just flips itself right-side-up. If it encounters an obstacle, it will automatically go around it. It will keep moving around no matter what!
~ It is important for your cat to get in some playtime, but sometimes you’re too busy to play with your kitty constantly. This is a simple and easy way to entertain your cat! The battery is included so it’s ready to play with right away!

~ Do NOT rinse it with water.
~ Please avoid using it in high temperature environment.
~ 44.5×16.2×21.7mm
~ Net Weight:8.5g
~ Materials -TPU, PC

Pidan Studio was founded in Paris in 2015 and is known for their sleek, modern pet products. Their focus is on not only aesthetics, but also quality and durability. Pidan products have won several awards for their outstanding designs that both satisfy the contemporary cat-owner's desire for cat accessories that add to the home's atmosphere, and provide safe and practical usage for their precious feline friends.

Each Pidan product is designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, while also focusing great attention on matching themes and colour palettes present in many homes.
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