PIDAN Monster Plush Pet Toy

RM 24.90

Monster toys
These little monsters are from an unknown galaxy "Pidan-109" and each has their own little backstory.

~ Fluffy is pink and germaphobic, so they look like a mop. They're also soft, sweet and thoughtful.
~ Herbo is a green dinosaur. They graze all year round, so their arms are degraded and gone.
~ Nerrdy is blue. They have only one eye but are extremely strong and reliable.
~ Eggssi is yellow. They hatched from an egg of an unknown species that's half angelic and half demonic.
~ BBchicken are twins. Although they like to fool each other, they are actually perfect sisters who love to stick together, even when asleep.
~ Moonkey is the comedian in the team. Their super cute canine tooth is revealed when they laugh.
~ Yoyo wears a swimming ring. They overslept on swim class day so they practice every day to make up for the swimming test.
~ Fatrick is an intense milk tea drinker. He can't give up drinking a cup of milk tea everyday, even if his belly bulges.

Each has a slice of catnip in them, so they attract your cats naturally by releasing the smell your cats love.

The monsters' wish is to be with your cat forever. These monsters and the catnip inside will not mold even if you wash them. The catnip inside works continuously.

Please note
1. These toys are washable.
2. Use only neutral detergent to avoid corrosion and discoloration.
3. After washing, you can lay the toy to dry and avoid direct sunlight.

Pidan Studio was founded in Paris in 2015 and is known for their sleek, modern pet products. Their focus is on not only aesthetics, but also quality and durability. Pidan products have won several awards for their outstanding designs that both satisfy the contemporary cat-owner's desire for cat accessories that add to the home's atmosphere, and provide safe and practical usage for their precious feline friends.

Each Pidan product is designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, while also focusing great attention on matching themes and colour palettes present in many homes.
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