PETSNOWY Snow* Automatic Litter Box

RM 1,699.00

Product information:
Product name: SNOW intelligent automatic cat toilet
Material: PP, ABS, TPE
color: White,Brown
Rated voltage: 12VDC
Rated power: 24W
Whole machine weight: 15 KG
Applicable objects: cats over 6 months old and weighing over 1.5kg
Product size: 750X508X650MM
Warranty: 1 Year
Product contains:1 TiO2 photocatalyst deodorizer box, 2 aromatherapy tablets, 10 garbage bags, 1 conversion plug and 1 cat toilet host

1. The super-strong dual-core core architecture creates a powerful, safe and stable operating system for SNOWY. Seamless collaboration, realize millisecond-level control response speed, fast calculation and processing, and intelligent comprehensive upgrade.
2. PETSNOWY smart litter box, it is more comfortable: the internal space is 83L. Can be used by multiple cats.
3. Built-in gravity sensor: Perceive the cat's in and out status, automatically clean up after 60 seconds after going to the toilet, covered by rolling sand, with a patented crystal filter, accurately screen the cat litter clumps, and then drain into the toilet box, blockade Prevent the spread of odors.
4. Ultra-quiet: In order to adapt to the urban living environment, we control the working noise at 35dB, which is nearly 20% lower than the previous generation of smart cat toilets, just to protect the good life of you and your cat.
5. Professional filter structure: suitable for a variety of cat litter (tofu cat litter, mixed cat litter, bentonite cat litter, etc.)
6. Innovative structural design: the principle of three-dimensional bionic spiral surface, the maximum opening angle of the drum does not exceed 220 degrees, no cutting position, and the warehouse opening is always open, eliminating the risk of cats.
7. Multi-sensor cooperation: high-precision distance sensor, when the cat is approaching or entering, the machine will stop working.
8. Weighing sensor: Kitten protection, the weighing sensor can accurately identify the weight of 800g, as long as the front paw of the tracer presses the machine will stop working.
9. Multiple sets of Hall sensors: accurately identify the position of the components to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.
10. APP remote control: the use of equipment and the health of pets are under control
11. New Technology Deocorant TIO2 System

PETSNOWY provides products with up to one year free warranty and always-on service. Hope all pet owners and cat
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