PETKIT Pura Cat Litter Box

RM 339.00

Smart cat litter box with odor eliminator technology and easy to clean.

~ The PETKIT 'Pura Box' Smart Litter Box is the modern solution to handle your cat's waste.
~ PETKIT Pura Cat Litter Box is a cat litter box that has a system in place to control odor and prevent tracking.
~ When your cat gets in the PETKIT Pura Cat Litter Box, the Odour Eliminator with infrared thermal induction system is activated to reduce unpleasant smells and fragrant air is also released.
~ As your cat walks out of the PETKIT Pura Cat Litter Box, the walk-off platform has narrow stripe gaps that prevent tracking by letting stray litter to sieve back into the litter box.
~ Cleaning is convenient as ever as the walk-off platform can be swiveled to the other side when scooping out the litter and the litter box could be dismantled easily to clean.

Powered by AAA Batteries
Working Voltage 4.5V
Working current <500mA

50.7 x 37.4 x 35 cm

Net Weight: 2.75 Kg
Gross Weight:4.3kg

ABS polymer plastic
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