PETKIT PURA Air Pet Odor Eliminator

RM 24.90

~ AIR Smart Odor Eliminator in order to provide more comprehensive protection and bring back the fresh air, provides two different working modes
~ PURA removes odour automatically when pets enter the detection range, solves the problem from the source; Under the intermittent mode,
~ PURA runs every six hours automatically to keep air fresh all day.
~ How to prevent and inhibit the odour from the original source is the first thing that we think about.
~ PURA AIR intelligently identifies environmental conditions, proactively jetting work mode.
~ It also works with negative ions to decrease dust and remove odour,
~ It brings back the fresh air for you and your family.
~ The high polymer solid air freshener extracted from around 20 pure plants is safe non-toxic.
~ it can remove odour and refresh air as well as decompose the odour molecules such as nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, etc.

­čÉ▒Air Odor Eliminator Features
~ In addition, AIR Smart Odor Eliminator also helps to promptly suppress the decay of microorganisms contained in odours and prevent bacterial growth.
~ As a result, the negative ion generator placed in PURA AIR can release high-activity negative ions to deactivate the virus.
~ The negative ions also help to absorb dust and tiny ash, inhibiting bacteria and decreasing the dust to purify the air.
~ With the design concept coming from insect’s compound eyes, we equip the PURA AIR with an infrared thermal system, which can identify automatically when pets enter the detection range, it makes the PURA AIR more sensitive and accurate.

Powered by AAA Batteries
Working Voltage 4.5V
Working current <500mA
The filter lasts for approximately 3 months.
Suitable for Cats and Dogs


ABS polymer plastic with ‘BioCleanAct’ antibacterial material
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