PETKIT Memory Foam Deep Sleep Pet Bed

RM 79.00

~ Deep Sleep Pet Mattress allows your pets to sleep as comfortably as you do.
~ Breathable wave shape foam and high-density memory foam helps soothe your pets’ joints by relieving pressure
~ Deep Sleep Pet Mattress offers them comfortable sleep throughout the year.
~ Temperature-sensitive memory cotton, return to the natural curve: density deep sleep memory sponge, evenly release and balance the body’s pressure on the mattress
~ In the daily sleep period of about 15 hours, keep the pet body parts to maintain the natural physiological curve.
~ Unrestrained, unleashing the natural beauty: the light and simple open mattress form, returning to the true gray ash texture appearance
~ The natural design of the infinitely enhanced sleep area, love pets to turn freely, stretching from the inside out.
~ As we know, the pet’s life is about one-third of the time to sleep and it needs the best Pet Comfort Sleep Mattress.

M: 70x55x12.5cm
L: 90x70x 6cm

1.5kg(M), 2.4kg (L)

100% polyester
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