PETKIT Eversweet Solo SE Water Drinking Fountain

RM 139.00

~ Introduction
The PETKIT Eversweet Solo is the newest addition to the water drinking fountain family by PETKIT. The fountain attracts cats to drink more water to support their health by providing ever-flowing fresh water.

~ Multiple Flowing Modes and Indicator Light
The PETKIT Eversweet Solo features a new smart mode to change how water flows in the fountain to save energy as well as providing the most natural water flowing pattern for your pets. Indicator Light tells you when the water level is low and when the filter requires replacement.

~ Professional Water Filtration
The fountain also includes replaceable professional filters to remove impurities and heavy metal elements from water as they flow all around.

~ Silent Water Pump
The ultra-silent pump (30dB) ensures minimal sound with its operation and has been re-designed to increase strength as well so hair and debris can be pushed into the filter.



Net Weight:700g

Suitable for cats and small to medium dogs
Powered by USB cable
(USB adapter not included)
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