PETKIT Cat 4 in 1 Scratcher Playground

RM 15.00

~ FUN CAT 4in1 Playground is proving the fashion appearance is not enough! PETKIT sets car scratcher, tack, orange and green MEOW PLANET in one, satisfies all your cats needs by offering hours of fun and entertainment.
~ Not only is it a playground, but it is also a nice place to rest.
~ Place 330mm round scratcher at the center of the 4 IN 1 CAT SCRATCHER to offer a larger playground.
~ Release cats inner energy by allowing them to scratch and play.

🐱 FUN CAT 4in1 Playground features 🐱
~ By the way, we maintain the sustainable philosophy in our design so all the consumables can be dependently purchased and replaced.
~ PETKIT offers a more environmentally protected FUN CAT Playground.
~ The PETKIT 4 IN 1 CAR SCRATCHER made with high density thickened corrugated board, hard to deformed, solid, and durable.
~ As a result, It encourages cats to interact with it and not valuable home furniture.
~ Besides, the unique circular track design can place the cats' exclusive PETKIT MEOW PLANET inside to play.
~ Release cats chasing instinct by rolling the MEOW PLANET in the track.
~ Compared to other products, ours is a lot more Eco friendly making it a safe and playful environment for your cats.

Scratcher: 44x44x7.1cm
Replacement: 33x33x2cm


Corrugated board
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