PETKIT Airsalon Max PRO Dryer Box

RM 1,499.00

Cozier Drying Experience than Ever
Compared to the heavy and clumsy traditional pet drying box, AIRSALON MAX provides a more breathable, efficient and cozier drying experience for your pets. Whether it's a kitten or a puppy, there's always tension after a bath - AIRSALON MAX is your best bet to relieve your pet's stress and let them enjoy the gentle breeze. It is more than just an automatic pet drying cabin.

Fresh Breath & Efficient Drying
AIRSALON MAX is designed with three air outlets to ensure that the cabin is always filled with fresh air so that your pets can breathe freely without any stress or pressure. At the same time, these air outlets provide a steady and gentle breeze, ensuring a more effective and faster drying of your pet.

Three-sided Ventilation
AIRSALON MAX not only set up a conventional air duct and an side outlet, there is also an additional vent at the top, together it built a stable air-balance system, allowing more fresh air flow into the cabin. Meanwhile, the outlet on the top is able to effectively discharge the hot and humid air inside the cabin, letting your pet becomes dry, soft and sweet ASAP.

60L Sufficient Space and Capacity
AIRSALON MAX cares about not only large cats, but families with multiple cats - The 60L cuboid cabin provides ample space and enough fresh air, allowing you to handle two pets drying at the same time.

Stress and Pressure Free
AIRSALON Max delivers a smooth breeze without an unpleasant on-off gush. The rounded corners and wave-shaped outlet base diffuse the airflow and make it more gentle. Linear lights are less glaring and they will gradually brighten and dim to induce relaxation and sooth pets’ mind… There is also a petting door from which you can interact and comfort your pets anytime. AIRSALON Max is designed to provide the best drying experience for your pets.

Safest Choice with Over-temperature Protection
With 4 sets of thermal sensors and PTC protection system, AIRSALON MAX accurately controls the temperature in the drying cabin to ensure a steady and constant temperature. The outlet temperature will be kept at the value you set, and the error parameter will never fluctuate more than 1℃ of the set temperature.

360°Airflow for Rapid & All-round Drying
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