HONEYPOT CAT Premium Round Cat Tower Playground

RM 4,399.00

【About Honeypot Cat Solid Wood Cat Trees】
Unlike all current cat trees and cat towers on the market, honeypotcat trees are all made from solid wood and natural sisal. They are super heavy and strong which are hardly to be moved even by adults.

Instead of using cheap wooden board or plastic, honeypotcat trees are all made from expensive heavy and solid fine wood from Finland and Russia, with multi-polishing and waxing on every single piece of wooden board.

As your family members, we believe, your cats are definitely worth you to pay a little bit more, but get a much better luxury house for them.

【Key Features】
Natural solid wood material
Heavy weight and strong structures
Natural sisal posts for scratching experience
Extra-large condo for better sleep
Soft velvet cushion inside condo
Soft velvet sofa bed on top of each platform
No harmful material, kids friendly
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