FELLOWES Aeramax Pt65 Pet Air Purifier

RM 229.00

Function: smoke removal and dust removal
Brand: Van Roth
Model: PT65
Working principle: activated carbon
Noise: 60
Air volume of air purifier: 301-400 cubic meters/hour
Product category: air purifier
Item no: PT65-050801
Power supply mode: AC
Rated frequency: 60
Use environment: home use
Control mode: key type
Applicable area: 11 ㎡ (inclusive)-20 ㎡ (inclusive)
Color: HEPA filter (replaced once a year)
Color: activated carbon filter (replaced every six months)
Color: PT65 set (in addition to formaldehyde dust removal)
Filter type: separate filter
After-sales service: national joint insurance
Whether cross-border exports are exclusively for sources of goods: No.
Whether patent source: No
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