BlackMimi ENABOT Smart Robot Companion for Your Pet Cat Toy Voice Smart Family bot WiFi Video Tracking Intelligent

RM 499.00

~ Smart & Interactive Family Companion Robot: Ebo SE support Multi-users & 2-way Audio & Automatic Charging, equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, Full 1080p HD camera, a pair of powerful Speakers and Microphone and Motorized-Wheels. Ebo the Interaction Robot can be controlled remotely with a simple touch on the screen. Ebo will automatically returns to its dock when it needs to be charged. With this Intelligent Family Robot, long-distance & uninterrupted interaction is now possible. ~ Your Moving Pet Camera: Through Ebo SE, the Companion Robot, your family members will now be able to play with your kids & pets remotely. Even the best Security Cameras can't search for a pet hiding under the bed, but Ebo the Smart Family Robot can check out those hidden nooks and crannies with its compact size. The Powerful Motorized Wheels ensure smooth rides on all types of surfaces, including rugs and carpets. Tumbler Design allows Ebo to quickly right itself up after a fall. ~ Your Pet' s Personal Photographer: Ebo SE the Interaction Robot, is quipped with a 1080p HD Camera. Take photos, video or play with your cat via live stream. With the help of this Smart Family Robot, Ebo SE, you' ll be able to perfectly capture every moment. Create quirky and memorable content of your pet and share them with your friends. User friendly App support iPhone and Android devices. The Ebo app comes with tons of editing and social features to help you share your moments with the world. ~ Night Vision & Auto-cruise & Motion Detection: Ebo SE, the Intelligent Family Robot, can provides bright images even during the darkest night, support Auto-Cruise & Fixed-Point 24hrs video recording. Ebo SE is the best choice for dscheduling routine home patrols or livestream surveillance for your home, as your personal Smart Family Robot. The Ebo system will automatically detect suspicious activities in Ebo's field of vision and notify you through Ebo APP. ~Bionic Interaction & Collision Sensors & Data Security: Ebo's eyes, movements, and sounds mimic real-life play, constantly keeping your kids & pets engaged. Using advanced ToF technology, Ebo the Interaction Robot, can detect all sorts of obstacles ahead & it comes to a full stop, avoiding accidents. Data Security: Ebo has no cloud storage. All data is local on your Ebo (expandable SD card). All camera visuals are only livestreamed and the data is only stored when users choose.

Warranty 1 year

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