EDON E805 Pet Air Purification Fan

RM 729.00

1. edon purifying circulation fan, a good fan designed for pet families
2. Patented turbine fan blades collect indoor pet hair, fine dust, lint and cat allergens
3, HEPA filter + UV sterilization and other multiple filtration and purification
4、Large wind power to filter the air
5、Intelligent sensor light, real-time detection of air quality, intelligent purification
6、Double side purification, dust-free cycle
7、N95 grade filter, no fear of hair and lint
8、Sealed bin sterilization, pollution does not leak out
9、10m strong air supply, 2 minutes whole house freshness
10、Low-altitude true circulation, no dead-end freshness
11、Low-altitude gun pushing, strong wind power
12, 4 wind gears, purify 265 planes per hour
13、Silent fan, 60db
14、Multi-angle three-dimensional air supply
15、Remote control

Product parameters
Product Model: E805 Air Purifying Fan
Working voltage: DC24V
Working power: 30W
Speed: 4 speeds
Product weight: approx. 4000g
Product size: 276*254*329mm
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