DOGNESS Motion Sensor Portable Pet Water Fountain

RM 219.00

• MOTION ACTIVATED: Intelligent motion sensor activates the water flow when sensing movement within 3 ft. Automatically stops after usage, saves energy and consumption.

• DUAL-POWER: Portable option with the built-in rechargeable battery or use the plug-in option with the 5' ft. USB power adapter.

• WATER LEVEL SENSOR: Built-in light changes to red color when the water level is low as a visual reminder to replenish the water supply.

• DRY-RUN PROTECTION: the pump is designed to automatically shut off when empty. The non-inductive electrical design prevents electrical shock.

• FILTRATION: Three-stage filtration system with a carbon-activated filter cleans and removes debris and odors for better-tasting and healthier water for your pet. Filters should be replaced every 30-40 days to ensure the water is fresh and clean.

• CAPACITY: Fountain holds up to 2.2 liters of water.

• INCLUDES: Fountain, Filter, Power Cable & Adapter, and Manual
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