CATSCITY Rattan Wooden Cat Cave Side Table

RM 599.00

The team at Catscity dedicate to crafting the best quality pet furniture and accessories for your loved furry friends. Inspired by the Japanese minimalistic culture with the use of premium quality material, rest assured you can find your next ideal piece of pet furniture.

If you have cats and are looking for a side table, look no further!
The team at Cats City has again demonstrated their brilliance and expertise in cat furniture design with this all-new side table. Its beautiful design will for sure be one of the highlights of your home.

The center of the table is hollow to make it a perfect snoozing spot for your furry friend. The entire is piece is made from premium oak and handcrafted with perfect accuracy. It is certainly a table that is built to last.

Last but not least, the table is topped with premium tempered glass for durability and provides the table with a fashionable finish.

Suitable for cats lighter than 10kg

Net Weight: 7kg

Wood, Glass
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