CATLINK PURE Water Fountain filter replacement

RM 22.00

For CATLINK Water Filter PURE 1.0
It is recommended o change the filter every 1-2 months

-Designed with multiple filtration processes for sweet, soft, healthy, clean, and safe drinking water.
-Suitable and ideal filter for CATLINK AI Water Fountain - PURE.
-Removes calcium and magnesium ions, and stops scale precipitation that causes water to be "hard".
-A cotton filter is the first stage that removes floating hair, impurities and dirt from the water.
-Activated Charcoal is the second stage of filtering that removes organic substances, iron oxide and residual chlorine that causes sickness in cats.
-The calcium Sulfite Filter is the third stage that eliminates residual chlorine and colloids.
-KDF is the fourth filter stage and is a high-end water purification material that removes residual chlorine, heavy metals, and acid radical ions in water.
-Resin as the last stage of filtering makes the water soft by removing calcium and magnesium ions.

Recommended for all breeds and life stages of cats, especially those with kidney disease and pregnant cats.
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