CATLINK Pure 2 Water Fountain

RM 399.00

【Wireless Water Pump】CATLINK Cat Wireless Water Pump Smart Water Fountain. The wireless water pump replaces submerged wires, making drinking safer for your plush baby.

【Ultrafiltration】Ultrafiltration filter effectively removes floating hair and impurities, human food grade filtration. The closed filter element is insect-proof and does not breed bacteria. The filtration accuracy is up to 0.01 microns, which filters out suspended solids and odors in the water. Soften the water quality, the ion exchange resin will replace the calcium and magnesium ions that induce pet urinary calculi. 91.71oz capacity can provide 2 weeks of fresh water for a cat.

【Money-Saving】The UF filter not only has high filtration capacity, but it is also more durable. You ONLY need to replace it every 3 months, every sip for your cat is pure water.

【App Control】You can link this water dispenser to your phone via wifi, and then check the status of the water fountain on the “CATLINK” app. You can also change the working mode of the water fountain through your mobile phone. The water fountain will record the cat's water drinking data, and you can see the cat's health status on the app.

【Ultra Quiet】Slow and steady water flow, even if you listen closely, you can't hear the sound of water flow. BPA Free, cat-friendly material.

【4 Modes】Different water flow modes are suitable for cats with different preference: flowing mode, eco mode, smart mode, and night mode. You can switch the modes through the app.
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