CATLINK ONE Intelligent Smart Pet Feeder with RFID Tag

RM 649.00

The CATLINK ONE Smart Feeder provides your pets with the most convenient, safe, and healthy way to feed!

~ Shows the amount of surplus in the bowl in grams
~ Record the health data of your cats that are linked with the feeder
~ The feeder logs and records the times that your cat has eaten every day.
~ Shows each meal session’s duration and the amount of food that has been eaten.
~ The feeder can send real-time status alert messages through the app
~ Has health monitoring functions that allow you to check the status of your cats consistently
~ Multi-cat detection by UFO tags allows specific/preferred feeding amounts for each cat
~ A specially designed U-shaped bowl allows your cats’ whiskers to not only fit comfortably but also allows an easy wash

Model: CL-F-01
Color: White
Material: ABS/HIPS
Capacity: 3.5L
Rated Power: 1.5W
Rated Voltage: 5.5V
Plug: CN

Product Weight: 3.85kg
Product Size: 39.00 x 39.70 x 22.60cm

Product contains:
1 x Pet Feeder
1 x Ceramic bowl
1 x Manual
2 x Collar Belt
3 x RFID Tag
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