CATLINK Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

RM 1,199.00

Catlink Scooper Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box
~ Option to operate 1. Automatically 2. Manually (via Control Dashboard) 3. Catlink App or 4. Voice Command.
120 secs cycle time
~ Efficient sifting system - Minimize wastage of clean litter (Use 50% less litter compared to manual scooping)
~ Large spacious globe chamber
~ Multiple safety sensors to stop operation if cat enters globe chamber during mid cycle.
~ Customisable clumping time settings (1-30 mins), daily auto cycle timer and alert notifications.
~ Create personalised cat profile to receive usage Infomation and monitor toilet habits/health via frequency of toilet visits
~ Push Alerts on system usage/ full waste bin/ software update
~ 13L Extra Large waste bin
~ Suitable for multiple cats use
~ Cat's minimum weight 1.5kg
~ Dimensions 60 x 58 x 71cm
~ Weight 10kg
~ Price includes free delivery

Important Notes:
~ Before each power on and during the use, the lid must be installed and the equipment must be placed on a solid level floor
~ Please use the 2.4G WIFI. Do not support 5G WIFI, hotels, airports and other WIFI that need verification
~ The control panel is a squeezed touch screen, which needs to be pressed hard during operation to prevent the cat from touching by mistake
~ When machine is powered on, the Ball will rotate to do a self-check, so the buttons does not work during self-check. The buttons can only be operated after the self-check is completed
~ The cat litter box should be kept at least 5cm away from the wall, so as not to affect the weighing calibration

Material : PP Antibacterial Plastic (Food Grade)
Voltage : 12 V
Power : 5 W
Gross Weight: 18 kg
Net Weight : 11.5kg
Maximum Sand Cat Litter Quantity : 3.99 kg
Trash Limit : 13Litres
Volume of Ball Cabin: 57Litres
Cat Weight: 1.5kg-10kg

Specification for Standard and Premium
~ Premium comes with Lighting, temperature and moisture sensor, and monitoring of remaining cat litters.
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