CAT MATE Pet Water Fountain

RM 99.00

GOOD HYDRATION: This pet fountain features multiple-height drinking stations and is ideal for encouraging your pets to drink more water
FILTERED WATER: Cats prefer fresh flowing water compared to still water in a bowl, this water fountain is equipped with a circulating 3-stage filtration system to ensure healthy drinking water for your pet and helps prevent harmful scaling deposits
2L CAPACITY: Provide your pets with a clean, healthy water supply while you're away, the 2 L water capacity reduces the need to refill water frequently - ideal for pet parents who are away for a weekend. It's easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
SUPER SILENT PUMP SYSTEM: This pet water dispenser has an ultra-quiet, isolated pump system and requires a low voltage power supply, there are easily visible max and minimum water level indicators with a distinct noise when the level is low
STAY CLOSE TO YOUR PET, WHEREVER LIFE TAKES YOU: Closer Pets is the new home of the pet mate family, who have been proudly bringing pets and owners together since 1986, closer pets modern products are here to help you care for your beloved companions, whether you're home or away, there may be a new name on our collar, but you'll get the same amazing service and innovation you've come to love over the last three decades
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