HOMERUNPET Ultra 135 Pet Dryer Box

RM 2,399.00

1. This product has U-shaped full-bottom air supply, fast drying in 45 minutes, and a constant temperature of 39° (the temperature can be controlled by frequency conversion)

2. This product has 6-fold safety protection, a fresh air channel system, and a "cat window" to soothe the cat. Security monitoring 10 times per second, built-in 3 sets of overheating protection components + 3 sets of high-precision sensors, 10 times per second detection of air outlets and circuits, parameter cross-validation, comprehensive protection of pet safety

3. sleep-level mute

4. U-shaped full-bottom air supply overcomes difficult-to-dry parts, and is more suitable for pets’ habit of blowing on their stomachs. The warm airflow reaches every deep part of the hair; the abdomen, calf and other difficult-to-dry parts can also be dried quickly

5. Speed up drying. Blow dry at a constant temperature of 39°, like a spa for pets

6. Equipped with intelligent patented temperature control technology, in the comfortable drying mode, the preset real-time air temperature is stable at the upper edge of the normal body temperature range of cats and dogs -39°c, and it dries extremely quickly without overheating.

7. Intelligent frequency conversion temperature control PID precision algorithm, keep the temperature in the cabin stable, iron temperature fluctuations, and prevent discomfort caused by excessive temperature fluctuations. Fully uniform, no temperature blind spots (common pet drying box, there is a large temperature difference in the box, there are temperature blind spots, often unable to fully dry, easy to cause a cold)

8. This product has a 3-channel fresh air system. Simulate the fresh air system of an executive car, with 1 in and 2 out, continuously replenishing fresh air; compared to ordinary pet drying boxes, it is safer and more breathable

9. Put on the cat window, safe to see, but also to touch, 0-distance interaction, soothing at any time, adapting to worry-free

10. Safety buckle to prevent pets from accidentally running out

11. Fully rounded design. The whole machine adopts high-quality ABS material, no sharp metal parts, and eliminates accidental hazards. Every small air outlet is also polished into rounded corners.

12. Accompanied by silent operation and care. Japanese 75W DC brushless fan, the external working decibel is as low as 40dB, care for emotion

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