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~ Coziness Meets Stability: Get a cozy blow drying with Homerunpet blow dryer, offering 99 adjustable wind speed settings and two temperature modes (warm and hot) for a delicate, faster drying. Start with lower settings to allow your pet to adapt and increase gradually. The built-in NTC sensor maintains stable temperatures without fluctuations found in traditional dryers. The equipped LED indicator displays real-time wind speed setting and temperature mode for your quick status check.

~ Ultra-Fast Drying: Fueled by our premium pure copper motor with 31,000 rpm, dry your pets swiftly as our blow dryer can reach a max wind speed of 268 mph - even faster than a typhoon! The 10cm Ultra-Wide Nozzle doubles drying efficiency with expanded wind coverage. Combining powerful wind speed with our special nozzle, your pet will enjoy a speedy and unmatched drying experience. Perfect for any pet-loving family!

~ Blow Drying at Peace: The unique design of multiple curved noise-reducing airflow paths and the equipped double soundproofing foams enable peaceful blow drying with an operating sound as low as 43dB, equivalent to daily conversation. With our 6.56 feet-hose, enjoy enhanced mobility and dry your pet from a distance with even less noise.

~ Styling Your Pet: For salon-like grooming results, our Elbow Nozzle utilizes the 'Coanda Effect' to suction pet hair to the surface during blow drying, providing smoother, straighter hair. 20 million negative ions are released along the process to ensure your pet to look fluffy and shiny like a star.

~ Effortless Drying in Style: Choose from 3 included nozzles: Ultra-Wide, Elbow, and High-Speed Narrow, to meet all your pet's drying needs. Crafted with selected ABS materials, our blow dryer features an elegant glossy finish. Its minimalist style allows it to complement any home decor.

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