CATLINK RFID Pet Feeder Smart Food Dispenser

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CatLink F03 PRO smart food dispenser

Take care of your pet in a modern way. The Catlink F03 PRO Intelligent Food Dispenser provides fresh and healthy meals at regular times set by you. It prevents insects from getting into the food and allows you to feed both dry and wet food. It also allows you to record a voice message to encourage your pet to eat. From the app, you can monitor notifications on the device in real time. In addition, it intelligently recognizes your cat with the included CATLINK RFID tag. One charge allows you to enjoy its reliable operation for 90 days!

Pet identification

When the dispenser is operating in Induction mode and your pet is wearing the CATLINK RFID tag, it is able to recognize your four-legged friend. The food is dispensed after the cat is identified. The solution used eliminated the risk of food theft when the pet walks away from the bowl.

Call your cat for a meal

The Catlink dispenser also supports Timer mode, which allows you to invite your cat for a meal via voice message. Set the times you want your pet to hear your voice, which will attract him to the bowl and encourage him to eat.

Monitor your cat's eating schedule

Now you can conveniently check when your cat ate, how much he consumed and how long it took - all from the dedicated app.All eating data is recorded, and reports are generated based on it.The app also provides notifications regarding low levels of food in the dispenser.In addition, the device automatically updates OTG, so it always benefits from the latest features and improvements.

Always fresh food

The bowl's lid rotates, protecting food from insects. In addition, it is dust-resistant, ensuring that your pet's food will always be fresh and free from contamination.

Large capacity

The Catlink dispenser is equipped with a double bowl with a total capacity of 400 ml, so it will meet your cat's needs for a day.It is capable of storing as much as 200 g of dry food. The device is designed to provide both dry and wet food, which translates into a balanced diet.

Friendly for cats and their owners

With its classic design and compact design, the Catlink dispenser will fit perfectly into the decor of your home.Thanks to its quiet operation (40 dB), it will not startle even timid pets.Sturdy non-slip mats ensure safe use, and ABS food grade material guarantees durability.

Long operating time

Don't worry about having to recharge frequently.The Catlink dispenser can run for 90 days on a single charge, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor picnics with your pet.


~ Intelligent feed dispenser

~ Adapter

~ CableCollar x2

~ RFID collar tag x2

~ User manual x1

Manufacturer :    Catlink

Model :    F03 PRO

Bowl capacity :    400 ml

Input  :     5V=1A

Compatible batteries :     AA

Volume level    up to 40 dB

Material    HIPS, food grade ABS

Dimensions    240 x 240 x 155 mm

Weight    1.1 kg

Purpose    Cats weighing between 1.5 kg and 10 kg

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